Sudoku Time

Sudoku Time 1.3

Next generation Sudoku


  • Intuitive play
  • Change grid size


  • Largest grid size is confusing


I've been after the next great leap in puzzles and perhaps I've found it, although it looks very similar to a leap we made a few years ago. No, there's no denying that the puzzle is still Sudoku. But this is next generation Sudoku. Sudoku in the extreme.

First of all there's the multiplayer option. In Sudoku! That's right, so immediately you can add a competitive edge to the gameplay. Then there's the opportunity to change grid size. And you thought Sudoku always came in 3x3s. Oh no, you can shrink to 2x2 or expand to 4x4.

However, I found the largest grid size very confusing with so many options displayed in each little square. It was difficult to know whether I was still playing Sudoku or a completely different game. There are various levels of difficulty but most interesting of all is that this Sudoku watches you play. And then gives you tips on where you're going wrong. So you can really improve your skills.

Internationalisation improvements


  • Internationalisation improvements

Sudoku Time delivers the next evolution of this classical puzzle game with a lot of new features, almost full screen game boards and human age adaptive play. Sudoku is an easy to learn yet highly addictive language-independent logic puzzles, which has recently taken the whole world by storm.

Using pure logic and requiring no maths to solve, these fascinating puzzles offer endless fun and intellectual entertainment to puzzle fans of all skills and ages.

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Sudoku Time


Sudoku Time 1.3

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